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What is an Academic Management System?

An Academic Management System (AMS) is an online platform that provides academic productivity software and support services for schools, colleges and universities. It enables students, faculty and academic administrators to conduct day-to-day activities according to established processes. An AMS typically manages:

  • Creating and updating students and other academic records
  • Admissions
  • Programme registration
  • Course enrolment
  • Course design and management
  • Multi-user calendars
  • Resource allocation, i.e., scheduling of classrooms and laboratories, creating academic calendars and timetables, and ensuring availability of course materials in libraries, bookstores and on the web,,
  • Advising (proctoring)
  • Compliance reporting
What are the benefits of using an online Academic Management System?

An Academic Management System (AMS) facilitates task completion at the click of a mouse. Each of the solutions offered by an AMS managing admissions, for instance, is enabled by online tools. The benefits of adopting AMS at your institution include:

  • A more productive faculty, since their administrative burden is handled by the system
  • Well-informed, empowered and better advised students
  • Consistent application of administrative rules across programmes and courses
  • Resource optimisation
How is an Academic Management System (AMS) different from a Learning Management System (LMS)?

An LMS covers the management of courses. It usually consists of a course website with document management, group discussion, event management and online assessment services. A stand-alone LMS will need to be integrated with student and other user information systems in order to link the course website with course enrolment, academic advising and other programme management activities. An AMS includes a learning management system as well as an integrated student information system, admissions portal, course catalogue, instructional design support, resource allocation (classrooms, laboratories, libraries, bookstores, and time-tables) and compliance reports.

What is the difference between a web-based AMS and a client server-based AMS?

A web-based AMS allows users to access the application from anywhere, anytime, using an internet browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. It functions in the same way as your email service. With a web-based AMS, you are not required to setup a server system or download anything to your laptop or computer. Comparatively, with a client server architecture, a server is required. All the client machines need to be installed with the application and may access data from a server located in your institution. As a result, network maintenance and server costs are very high.


What are the salient features of the Academic Management System provided by College Builder?

College Builder's Academic Management System (AMS) provides the following features:

  • Admissions portal
  • Programme registration
  • Customisable profile
  • Course catalogue
  • Course enrolment
  • Course management
    • Document upload/download
    • Discussion forums
    • Assessment
  • Multi-user calendar
  • Academic records
  • Advising
  • Customisable profile
  • Course catalogue
    • Course design
    • Course creation
  • Course management
    • Document upload/download
    • Discussion forums
    • Event management
    • Assessment
  • Multi-user calendar
  • Advising
Registrar (Academic Administrators)
  • Customisable setup of departments, degree programmes, majors, minors and specialisations
  • Admissions management
  • Programme registration management
  • Course catalogue creation
  • Course enrolment management
  • Resource management
    • Scheduling of courses, classrooms, and laboratories
    • Managing libraries, bookstores and websites to ensure availability of course materials
    • Creating the academic calendar
  • Report generation and compliance
Can you customise College Builder's features to meet our unique needs?

Yes, College Builder (CB) can be customised to meet your unique needs. CB's Academic Management System uses an architecture that enables a very high degree of customisation. For example, both institutions that offer a high proportion of electives and those in which most courses are compulsory can set-up their system accordingly. Institutions with single and multiple programme departments can likewise set up their systems appropriately. Despite its flexible architecture, we recognise that some further customisation may be needed. This will be provided by CB with a low turnaround time, to meet your institution's different requirements.

How does College Builder compare with its competitors?

Being newly built and incorporating the latest technologies, especially collaborative technologies, College Builder's (CB) features naturally surpass its competitors in the academic management space. For example, the use of social media tools such as collaborative calendars is unique to CB. CB's instructional design tools provide a paradigm shift by focusing on learning outcomes. CB's fully web-based and integrated academic tools further differentiate it from its competitors which typically offer single module solutions, such as only one of learning management systems, student information systems, resource allocation and compliance tools. This requires integrating them into a usable Academic Management System (AMS). Further, competitors solutions are typically deployed on-site. On the other hand, CB offers an integrated, hosted AMS.

Our Users

Who can benefit from College Builder?

College Builder's (CB) Academic Management System provides a friendly interface for students, faculty and the registrar (academic administrators). It enhances the productivity of its users. Students can apply for admissions, enrol for and manage their participation in courses, review their own academic performance and access the library and bookshop online. Faculty members can manage schedules; design, create and manage courses; edit enrolment/waiting lists and; advise students online. CB also facilitates registrar-driven activities by providing features such as user ID generation; academic activities support such as applications to degree programmes, resource allocation, course enrolment, grades management; and accreditation.


How much does College Builder cost?

College Builder's (CB) pricing is affordable and simple to understand. CB's Academic Management System is offered at $1 per month per user.


How long does it take to implement an Academic Management System in my school/college?

The hosted solution should be up and running in 3 weeks, after all the data has been received/collected from the institution and once the databases are in transferable (.csv) format.

My institution's staff are used to digital work email, spreadsheets, etc., but not prepared for online academic management. How much training will they need?

College Builder's Academic Management System is simple and user-friendly. In order to make a smooth transition from a manual system to an automated one, the staff will need a maximum of four hours of training.

Why do I need to automate my institution's academic management?

The answer is simple... productivity and quality. College Builder's Academic Management System will save a large proportion of the time of your administrators' and instructors' time while empowering them and students with more useful information. Further, automation does not just save time and effort. It also provides a platform for different members of the institute to collaborate on a real-time basis.

My institution runs multiple campuses. Will I need to install College Builder separately in all my campuses?

Since College Builder is a hosted system, integrating academic management across campuses is very simple.

The external bandwidth of my college is quite low. Can I still use College Builder?

To account for this problem, we also offer a deployed solution at a slightly higher price.

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